Marked by highly differential physio-geomorphological formations, Palanan, especially the Poblacion is located inside a Valley-like fertile alluvial plain.  The Poblacion fronts  river delta draining fresh water to Palanan Bay along the Pacific Ocean.  Since Palanan is in the Pacific Belt of Fire, its land formation was attributed to volcanic activities or land movements due to tectonic phenomena.  The rich volcanic soil characteristics in the Municipality proves that land formation in the place was highly traceable from volcanic origin.

Palanan being part of the tropical zone, is exposed to relatively hot and humid environment.  Northeast monsoon and southeast monsoon creates remarkable wet and dry seasons.  These monsoons bring typhoon annually to Palanan destroying most of its crops as well as human properties. 

The adverse climatic conditions during the rainy season, the lack of industries and employment opportunities, the absence of an affordable transportation system as well as internal transport system and the absence of basic socio-economic facilities hindered the economic growth and physical development of Palanan.  In spite of this, however, human settlements continue as a result of the increasing population.

The town Palanan is located along Pacific Coast and situated on 122o9’ to 122o32’ East longitude and 16o 50” to 17o 10’ North latitude.  It is one of the coastal towns of Isabela. 



Facts and Figures


Basic Profile



LGU Type



Income class





17,260 (CY 2015)

Total Land area in hectares



No. of Barangays



No. of Households



Financial Profile



IRA share


PhP  99,220,763.00

Local-Sourced Revenues


PhP    1,181,298.52

Other Revenues


PhP    6,287,197.50

Total LGU Income








Agricultural Ecosystem



Forest Ecosystem



Coastal Marine Ecosystem

Economic Activity











Commercial and Service Center




Government Officials




Hon. Elizabeth B. Ochoa

Vice Mayor


 Saturnina B. Cabaldo

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