A Provincial Local Government Unit reputed for operating under an unyielding system of courtesy, competence, transparency, and accountability, and distinguished in the delivery of public service for its sincerity, compassion, and sustained level of disaster preparedness, climate change adaptability, and responsiveness.



To establish an institution of integrity by delivering excellent public service through a courteous, skilled, and compassionate workforce that adheres to the rule of Law, possesses moral courage, ensures a sustained state of disaster preparedness, climate change adaptability, and responsiveness, and promotes the values of mutual support and cooperation as means to the attainment of a prosperous future for all Isabeleños.




It is the mandate of the Provincial Government of Isabela to deliver at all cost and in accordance with the governing principles of integrity, responsiveness, accountability, and transparency, basic service to the Isabela constituency, as well as increase their access to the same and ensure that all marginalized and special sectors may partake of all the fruits of development and benefit from plans, programs, and projects that espouse participatory governance and safeguard law and order, social protection, environment management, disaster preparedness, and economic sustainability.