The creation of the municipality of Burgos, Isabela is a milestone of the residents residing at the western part of the municipality of Gamu, Isabela.  This portion comprising the barrios (barangays) of Gamu, Isabela with a distance of more or less sixteen (16) km. 


Burgos is one of the thirty four (34) municipalities and three (3) cities in the province of Isabela.  It is situated in the mid-western part of Isabela.  Burgos is located at geographical coordinates 17o08’30” lateral and 121o40’00” and 121o48’00” longitude.  It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Quirino, on the east by the municipality of Gamu, on the southwest by the municipality of San Manuel and Aurora on the west by the Municipality of Roxas, on the south by the municipality of Luna.


Burgos is directly accessible from three (3) of the neighboring municipalities.  From Gamu and Roxas, 11 and 13 kilometers away respectively, on the asphalt paved provincial road and from Aurora 16 kilometers on the graveled provincial road.  It is approximately 25 kilometers south of Ilagan, the capital town and about seven and half hours trip from Manila.



Facts and Figures


Basic Profile



LGU Type



Income class





23,784 (CY 2015)

Total Land area in hectares



No. of Barangays



No. of Households



Financial Profile



IRA share


PhP 38,710,096.00

Local-Sourced Revenues


PhP   2,600,000.00

Other Revenues


PhP      984,552.00

Total LGU Income


PhP 42,294,648.00



Agricultural Ecosystem

Economic Activity











Commercial and Service Center




Government Officials




Hon. Kervin Francis G. Uy

Vice Mayor


Hon. Ruben A. Gragasin

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